In the spring of 2007, Keymark Corporation set out on a journey to identify and enrich its safety culture. Recognizing the value of a robust safety culture and experiencing the difference, we are now using what we learned to institutionalize cultural values relating to “General Organizational Excellence”.

We began the safety culture journey by establishing the company objective of having a loss resistant organization. When researching for a methodology to achieve this goal, we found the work of Donald Eckenfelder, President, Social Operating Systems, Ltd. discussed in a trade journal. We met with Don and decided to use his “Values-Driven Safety” material and consulting services. He helped us to understand that culture predicts performance and can be measured and managed. Using the measuring tools, we identified the Keymark Corporation safety culture profile and undertook safety culture enrichment exercises to improve our safety values.

Taking the methodology to a higher level, we developed our own values for “General Organizational Excellence”. We now have a “General Organizational Excellence” culture profile. The next step encompassed exercises to reach these expectations.

The following are the General Organizational Values developed by a group of Keymark Corporation employees.

“General Organizational Excellence”

Culture Enrichment Values

  1. We always work safely.

  2. We can and will prevent accidents.
  3. We want a robust culture.
  4. We are a team.
  5. We support differences.
  6. We provide adequate tools training and technology.
  7. We treat our extended business family with respect …… always.
  8. We care about everyone who works here.
  9. We don’t quit. We are persistent.
  10. We follow procedures and exceed customer expectations.