State of the Art Anodizing Capabilities. Keymark's custom designed Walgren 2-step automated anodizing system, at our Fonda, NY facility, is capable of anodizing and custom-coloring extrusions up to 32' in length. Batch-to-batch color and surface quality consistency are assured by the most advanced combination of systems in the aluminum anodizing industry.  Automated Hoist System - Ensures exact control over timing of the anodizing process, so all extrusions receive the same exposure.  Computerized Chemical Analyzers - Highly accurate computerized process takes samples, analyzes trends, and provides tighter controls over chemical constituents in each tank.  Automatic Chemical Replenishment - Replaces chemical constituents in each tank as needed.  Caustic Etch Regeneration - Automatically retrieves and recycles the caustic surface-treatment chemicals in the system's etch tanks, maintaining consistent chemical concentrations for each batch.

The most advanced system of its kind , our anodizing facility integrated with a sophisticated waste-recovery, recycling, and pollution control equipment ensures that we are compliant with the stringent EPA & NY state regulations.  Make Keymark your choice...when you need anodized aluminum extrusions.