Keymark Offers The Following Quality Paints...

  AAMA 2605-17 - 70% Kynar 500  
Vendor Type Description
PPG: Duranar 2-coat, exotic or non-exotic
  Duranar XL 3-coat, exotics, metallics, requires a clear coat
  Duranar Sunstorm 2-coat mica
  Coraflon/Megaflon 2-coat, 100% fluoropolymer
Valspar: Fluropon 2-coat, exotic or non-exotic
  Fluropon Classic II 2-coat, mica
  Fluropon Classic 3-coat, metallic, requires a clear coat
  Fluropon Premiere 3-coat, exotic, requires a clear coat
  Flurospar 2-coat, low VOC
  Flurospar Classic II 2-coat, metallic, low VOC
Akzo Nobel: Trinar 2-coat, non-exotic
  Trinar Ultra 2-coat, low VOC
  Tri-Escent II 2-coat, mica
  Trinar TMC 3-coat, metallic, requires a clear coat
  Trinar TEC 3-coat, exotic, requires a clear coat 
  AAMA 2604-17 - 50% Kynar 500  
PPG: Acrynar  
Valspar: Acroflur  
  Acrodize Mica
  Nanodize II Organic & inorganic polymers
Akzo Nobel: Alum*A*Star 50 Earth tones 
  Alum*A*Escent 50 Mica
  Ceram-A-Star E Ceramic and inorganic pigments (Not a 50% Kynar product)
  AAMA 2603-17 - Baked Enamels   
PPG: Duracron/Polycron III/Macroflex Duracron - Acrylic, Polycron III/Macroflex - Polyesters 
Valspar: Dynapon/Polylure 1500/Flurocryl   Dynapon, Flurocryl - Acrylics, Polylure - Polyester 
Akzo Nobel: Acra-Bond Ultra Acrylic
  Acra-Bond Ultra-S Bright/Mica, Acrylic
  Polydure E High solids polyester
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