The Powder Coating Process...

  • Extrusions are loaded on racks and are submerged in a pretreatment tank (40 feet in length) containing chrome phosphate.  Chrome Phosphate has proven to be the premier pretreatment for powder paints to ensure the highest level of performance and adhesion.  This is also the most important part of the entire painting process.
  • Parts are dried in an infrared oven before the application process.
  • In the application process, the extrusions travel into the powder booth where powdered resins along with colored pigments are applied to the extrusions through the use of automatic spray guns and an electro-static charge.
  • The extrusions then enter a separate high temperature bake oven (350-425 degrees) for approximately 20 minutes and this causes the powder to melt, flow, and then cure, forming a molecular fusion bond.
  • The end result is hard surface to coating bonding unlike any other.