Types of Powder Paints...

There are (2) basic types of powder paints:  Thermoplastic - Powders that will remelt when heated & Thermosetting - Powders that will not remelt upon reheating (Keymark sprays only Thermosetting powder paints).

Types Of Thermosetting Powder Paints And Their Properties:

 Types of Powder
Property  Standard Polyester  Enhanced Polyester  Epoxy  Hybrid  Polyurethane  Acrylic  PVDF 
 Exterior Durability Good  Excellent  Very Poor  Poor  Good  Excellent  Excellent 
 Corrosion Resistance Good  Good  Excellent  Good  Good  Good  Good 
 Impact Excellent  Poor  Excellent  Excellent  Good  Poor  Excellent 
 Flexibility Excellent  Good  Excellent  Excellent  Good  Good   Excellent 
Adhesion  Excellent  Excellent  Excellent  Excellent  Excellent  Excellent  Poor 
 Cost Medium  Medium/High  Medium  Low  Medium  High  High 
 Film Appearance Good  Very Good  Good   Good  Excellent  Good  Poor 
Chemical Resistance  Good  Good   Excellent  Very Good  Good  Very Good  Good 
 Gloss Range 10-95%  20-95%  5-90%  5-90%  5-95%  30-90%  30-60% 
 Heat Resistance Very Good  Good  Poor  Good  Very Good   Good  Good 
 Abrasion Good  Good   Very Good  Good  Good  Good  Poor 
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