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keymark timeline

In 2015, Keymark Corporation completed several capital projects to our Florida & New York facility. The projects included an upgrade to it's 10" extrusion press as well as a total reconstruction and addition of new equipment to the die cleaning/caustic room.


The upgrade to the UBE 10" extrusion press included a hot log saw to replace the log shear previously used, new billet loader, and conversion to the press to make it a short stroke press. These upgrades will reduce overall scrap, increase the length of the extrusion run-out, and reduce the amount of billet changes and dead cycle time.


Our press 1 (7" press) underwent a complete PLC control system replacement and upgrade.


The completely transformed die cleaning/caustic room includes state-of-the-art die cleaning equipment that is more environmentally friendly, safer, and will reduce the amount of caustic chemical necessary in the cleaning procedure of the die tooling.


In our New York facility, our press 3 (9" press) received a new log saw replacing the existing log shear and a new loader system to reduce scrap and improve dead cycle time.