Advantages & Disadvantages of Anodizing...


  • Anodizing is durable and will not flake, chip, or peel over time.
  • Anodizing is easy to maintain.  You only need to do periodic cleaning of anodized extrusions with a mild detergent and water to restore the original lustre.
  • Ease of fabrication.  The marring usually incurred in fabrication of painted extrusions is virtually non-existent with an anodized extrusion.  Other abrasive wear at installation, shipment, and handling is neglible.
  • Color sustainability, because of the sealing process during anodizing, helps to keep your extrusions looking factory new for years to come.


  • Limited color selection.  Because of the chemicals used in the anodizing process, you are greatly limited on the color selection for your next project or product.
  • Anodizing does not offer you the extended warranties as Superior Pigmented Painted Products.
  • Touch-up of anodized product that is severely damaged in your shop or the field is more noticeable than air dry touch up paint for painted products.